Lianne Raymond, M. Ed. is a certified life coach, educator, and yogini. She also has been called a free spirit, a ruthless questioner, and a giver of delicious hugs. In her coaching, her teaching, and her life, she is guided by the question What if you let your heart move you instead of living a life of forcefulness? She lives in the wild beauty of Vancouver Island with her husband of 26(!) years and delights in being Auntie to her nieces and nephew.
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Lianne Raymond

Hi. I'm Lianne. I appreciate you stopping by.


I'm on a mission - there's a good chance you landed here because you are, too. Whether you are longing to love yourself more, yearning for more fulfilling relationships or hoping to feel more enchanted with your life - you have found a home for those desires.

Danielle LaPorte doesn't call me Her Majesty of Questioning Just About Everything for nothing.  It is becoming obvious that the old paradigm just ain't cutting it anymore. Like fish that are unaware of the water they are swimming in, our culture is still swimming in outdated ideas that are dragging us down. These ideas are permeating your life in ways you aren't even aware of. But you're feeling it, aren't you? Like an itchy sweater you are wearing to a formal dinner you didn't even want to attend. I question it all so you can change into something comfy. And the big, juicy question I love to ask  is...

What is it to let your heart move you instead of living a life of forcefulness?

If you're not even sure what I mean by that - well, that just gets me even more excited. Cause I can't wait to show you.

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i miss you, dad

Today would have been my dad's birthday. It's now a year and a half since he died, and I still have moments when I miss him deeply.  In the documentary UP series, Bruce is asked if he misses his dad who just died and he replies that he wished he had had the kind of relationship with his dad that he did miss him. What a gift it is to miss him this much.

In March I did a talk inspired by my dad at a convention for Martha Beck Certified Coaches.  I had previously marked it private and shared it with a few select friends, but I decided to make it public and share it more widely in honour of my dad. I hope you can feel a little of him through this talk.


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