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I'm on a mission - there's a good chance you landed here because you are, too. Whether you are longing to love yourself more, yearning for more fulfilling relationships or hoping to feel more enchanted with your life - you have found a home for those desires.

Danielle LaPorte doesn't call me Her Majesty of Questioning Just About Everything for nothing.  It is becoming obvious that the old paradigm just ain't cutting it anymore. Like fish that are unaware of the water they are swimming in, our culture is still swimming in outdated ideas that are dragging us down. These ideas are permeating your life in ways you aren't even aware of. But you're feeling it, aren't you? Like an itchy sweater you are wearing to a formal dinner you didn't even want to attend. I question it all so you can change into something comfy. And the big, juicy question I love to ask  is...

What is it to let your heart move you instead of living a life of forcefulness?

If you're not even sure what I mean by that - well, that just gets me even more excited. Cause I can't wait to show you.

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Live with Wild Abandon
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Do you sometimes feel that you are merely skimming on the surface of your life and not living the depth of it?

Do you feel there has to be more than this? More love, more joy, more passion?

Do you know you have more in you that is lying unexpressed?

I'm devoted to helping you find your way back to your wild heart and your intuitive wisdom.

You can love your life.

You can wake up excited about what you get to do each day — filled with a sense of play and possibility.

You can deepen your connections.

You can love the people in your life more freely and discover how you are blocking yourself from receiving the love of others.

You can flow with your life's own unfolding.
Trying to control everyone and everything is exhausting (and impossible!). Find the ease that leads to more energy for what matters.

Discover the mystery at the heart of your life.

Get wild.

Shed old patterns. Uncover your latent passions. Tap into your infinite creativity. Play in your own wilderness. Marvel at the beauty in front of you everyday.

Love. Play. Rest. Grow.
Your life is a treasure. Consider this your treasure map. A place you can return to again and again to find your bearings, to re-orient yourself as the world does its damnedest to take you off course.

My intention is to inform, inspire, and nourish you on your journey.

Start right now. Do something simple that will bring some joy into your heart and your world:
Text "I love you" to someone for no reason — a sister or brother, a partner, a friend.

Lean back in your chair, un-hunch & open your chest, take a deep breath, close your eyes and let your imagination run wild for a few minutes. Why not? Give your dreams as much room to play as you give your doubts.
Think of someone around you right now who would appreciate being seen (really, who of us wouldn't?). Make a simple note to let them know that 1) who they are matters and 2) you're glad they're here. You don't need to sign it, but leave it where they will find it. Make sure their name is on it.

Download and look through this amazing, inspiring (and free!) ebook What is Dying to be Born?
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This is the first, the wildest
and the wisest thing I know:
that the soul exists and is built entirely out of attentiveness.

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Lianne Raymond, M. Ed. is a certified life coach, educator, and yogini. She also has been called a free spirit, a ruthless questioner, and a giver of delicious hugs. In her coaching, her teaching, and her life, she is guided by the question "What if you let your heart move you instead of living a life of forcefulness?" She lives in the wild beauty of Vancouver Island with her husband of 26(!) years and delights in being Auntie to her nieces and nephew. Connect with me:

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