Lianne Raymond, M. Ed. is a certified life coach, educator, and yogini. She also has been called a free spirit, a ruthless questioner, and a giver of delicious hugs. In her coaching, her teaching, and her life, she is guided by the question What if you let your heart move you instead of living a life of forcefulness? She lives in the wild beauty of Vancouver Island with her husband of 26(!) years and delights in being Auntie to her nieces and nephew.
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Lianne Raymond

Hi. I'm Lianne. I appreciate you stopping by.


I'm on a mission - there's a good chance you landed here because you are, too. Whether you are longing to love yourself more, yearning for more fulfilling relationships or hoping to feel more enchanted with your life - you have found a home for those desires.

Danielle LaPorte doesn't call me Her Majesty of Questioning Just About Everything for nothing.  It is becoming obvious that the old paradigm just ain't cutting it anymore. Like fish that are unaware of the water they are swimming in, our culture is still swimming in outdated ideas that are dragging us down. These ideas are permeating your life in ways you aren't even aware of. But you're feeling it, aren't you? Like an itchy sweater you are wearing to a formal dinner you didn't even want to attend. I question it all so you can change into something comfy. And the big, juicy question I love to ask  is...

What is it to let your heart move you instead of living a life of forcefulness?

If you're not even sure what I mean by that - well, that just gets me even more excited. Cause I can't wait to show you.

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deep rest + wild play = creative joy

Do you know Jen Louden, Marianne Elliot and Susannah Conway?  These three lovely, wise souls are offering very cool Creative Joy Retreat just outside of New York City at the end of June. As part of the warm-up they asked me (and some other peeps) if I had anything to share on the topic of creative joy. They are compiling them into a free ebook download.  Check back Monday for the link.  This is my contribution:


When I have built up a thundercloud of comparison, criticism and control, I take myself to the woods. Hug a tree (for real!). Lay down in the dirt (getting dirty is good!).  Let the stream sing me into deep rest. This is my invocation.

An invocation to restore creative joy

Before I create, allow me to be part of creation - to be re-created with the sweet breath of the wind and the spark of warmth from the sun above and the fire that burns deep in the heart of the earth. Let me rest until the birds visit me with their songs. Let me feel the patience of my  being in the stones polished by the rain. Let me rest until the rest is done.  Let me rest until I can feel the flames of the wild fire at the core of everything licking me tenderly - tickling my desire.

Then let the fire of my desire turn into the dance of wild play.  Let me laugh spontaneously at the miracle of life. Let me climb the trees under which I once rested. Let me smell every flower that has burst into bloom on the forest floor. Let me throw away any attempts to control and become a full participant in love. Let me transcend effort, striving and ambition and unleash freedom, imagination and the wilderness within. Let me dare to love first and dare to love more.

Let deep rest and wild play lead me into harmony with creative rhythms. Let me be receptive, responsive and attuned. Let me abandon the tensions that keep me stuck seeing the small bits and raise me up and let me see the wholeness. Let  creative joy inhabit me as much as I inhabit it. 

deep rest + wild play = creative joy

Hallelujah and Amen


on the verge of a miracle

Years ago, shortly after I first met my NYC artist friend Sharon Frost, she mentioned that she knew Susan Brownmiller. I nearly jumped out of my skin, "You mean the Susan Brownmiller? The one who wrote Femininity?"  Femininity was a book that my best friend Colleen and I had pored over and had many lengthy discussions about. To think that my new friend, Sharon, knew the author - was just - WOW!  I pulled out my well worn copy of the book and found Sharon's name there in the acknowledgements.  I remember thinking what an honour it would be to be acknowledged in a book like that.  

So you can imagine my delight to find my name in the acknowledgements of Danielle LaPorte's new book, The Fire Starter Sessions, and to deeply feel one of my answers to the burning questions that Danielle shares in the book:

Burning Question #10: How would you like to be seen, recognized, acknowledged, awarded, praised?  

Just like that.  To feel that I added something of value in the creation of this work. To feel like a patron of the arts.  Thanks for seeing me, Danielle.

So you have probably figured out that anything I write about this book will not be objective - thank goodness - it will be filled with love instead. I first met Danielle through her writing - which I loved.  Early on in our friendship I said to Danielle, "I don't care what you write about, so long as you write." You will find nothing here to discourage her from that. In fact, I'd love nothing more than to see this book hit the New York Times bestseller list.  Wouldn't it be fun to be a part of making that happen!

Here is the love letter I will be posting on Amazon on Tuesday when this book is officially released:

Imagine the revolutionary artistic fire of Frida Kahlo combined with the push-the-edges business savvy of Tom Peters and add a dash of design, Tufte-style, and you'll begin to have a sense of the poetry and practicality that Danielle LaPorte brings to this book.

The words of the great humanist philosopher, Marsilio Ficino, in his Plato commentaries, seem appropriate here, "Just as there are three main powers in fire - heat, light, and fleeting subtlety - so there are three similar powers in the soul’s essence: the power of life, of understanding, and of desiring …. At different times the soul brings forth its variety of seeds more or less in profusion."

Danielle is bringing forth her seeds in profusion. Danielle is a fire that brings the heat, light and subtlety of her words and vision to bear upon the soul's essence of life, understanding and desiring. She roots her seeds in the field of her own entrepreneurial experience, but I assure you the wisdom in this book can be transplanted to any fertile ground from creative pursuits to relationships to working "for the man".  What Danielle does in this book is no less than to reclaim entrepreneurship from those who would frame it as merely a transactional economic activity to instead treat it as an art of the soul.

Danielle doesn't just want you to succeed in business, she wants you to transform your life.

She shares her own vulnerable moments and how they led to more clarity: So I admitted it, "I'm a humanitarian." And then I put a fine point on it: "Who happens to be an entrepreneur."

She highlights the tensegrity of opposites: Wisdom comes from embracing contrasting experiences. Lucky breaks and pounding the pavement. A winning streak and the dark night of the soul. Selling out and taking a stand. Wanting it all and walking away.

She composes soul sutras worthy of printing and framing: Keep breathing. You're on the verge of a miracle.

One of my favourite parts of this book is the section on time. Danielle challenges common approaches to time management and turns us on to how ridiculous that concept is. The result is a sense of freedom from the rushed, harried approach to life and a settling into responsiveness and rhythm.This book is full of powerful instances like this where she lights up her fierceness and shines it on conventional wisdom.

As she dances with the mysteries of human life, work and longing, the reader is treated to passionate manifestos, intense love and liberating turns of imagination.

It needs to be noted that this book reflects Danielle's insights not only in what she says, but also in how she says it. This is not a linear how-to book (though it can be read that way and it does contain great advice) but rather it plays with format, pacing and language so that instead of being a single lane experience, it's a book that invites you to rise above the road and fly in circles around and back and forward, making your own unique connections. And in so doing, find your own way. That's ultimately the heart of Danielle's message.

This book is a steal retailing for under $15 online! You'd be crazy not to buy one.  I've already bought and given away a few copies - and I'm going to randomly give away a couple more in the next few days to my newsletter subscribers. If you are already a subscriber - great! If you'd like to join us and maybe win a copy - sign-up on the right side bar.Winners have been chosen and notified.

Extra treat: Listen in on a conversation Danielle and I had and hear her rif on the difference between excitement and enthusiasm.

Danielle LaPorte on Enthusiasm


Love with Wild Abandon - an introductory workshop


This two hour online workshop will take you deeper into developmental psychology and the attachment system.

Date: Wednesday, May 9th, 4pm PDT

During the workshop we will explore the following ideas:

- the 4 styles of adult attachment

- the 6 levels of attachment

- ideas for holding your clients, children, partner in the field of love

- the qualities of deep rest

- the qualities of deep play

- the difference between adult's play and child's play

- how to distinguish true growth and actualization from ambition and success

- how to restore your wildness and break free of colonization

Enter Discount code here

International Women's Day! Celebrate!

In 2010, I released Dying to be Born - a compilation of women's wisdom that is thoughtful and gorgeous. If you haven't seen it yet - you really need to download it now.

Starting today and during the rest of March,  I'm going to highlight what some of the contributers to that ebook have been doing in the past couple years.

Brené Brown

Brené's visibility has taken off in the last couple of years. It's been so cool to watch. Her TEDxHouston talk on Vulnerability went viral, she did a series for PBS on The Gifts of Imperfection and published a book of the same name. Finally, the people at TED realized they had to get her up on the stage at their main event and she just spoke at the TED conference at Long Beach last week.  They haven't posted the video of her talk up yet, so in the meantime, let's listen to her Houston talk again:





Shilo Shiv Suleman

This young Indian woman's career has also blossomed in the last couple of years. You really need to visit her website to see all the things she is involved in. Notably, she became a TED Fellow, completed a gorgeous interactive book, Khoya, for the Ipad. I downloaded it as soon as it was available and was captivated for over an hour playing with it. She recently spoke about it at the TED sponsored conference in India, INK:




fathers, daughters, undying love and get the tissues for this one

It may seem like I'm on a mission about fathers. I may be, but if I am, lucky you. Cause from that mission, I offer you something today that, although about a father and daughter on the surface, is really about so much more - life, love, longing.

I present to you one of the most beautiful animated short films I have seen.  Eight of the best minutes you will spend looking at a screen. 

I highly recommend full screen. Start your weekend with a dose of love.