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I'm on a mission - there's a good chance you landed here because you are, too. Whether you are longing to love yourself more, yearning for more fulfilling relationships or hoping to feel more enchanted with your life - you have found a home for those desires.

Danielle LaPorte doesn't call me Her Majesty of Questioning Just About Everything for nothing.  It is becoming obvious that the old paradigm just ain't cutting it anymore. Like fish that are unaware of the water they are swimming in, our culture is still swimming in outdated ideas that are dragging us down. These ideas are permeating your life in ways you aren't even aware of. But you're feeling it, aren't you? Like an itchy sweater you are wearing to a formal dinner you didn't even want to attend. I question it all so you can change into something comfy. And the big, juicy question I love to ask  is...

What is it to let your heart move you instead of living a life of forcefulness?

If you're not even sure what I mean by that - well, that just gets me even more excited. Cause I can't wait to show you.

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On September 17th, 1992 a new book by a relatively unknown author landed in bookstores across North America. To be followed by bookstores around the world.

Women devoured it, sharing it and buying it for their friends.

It spent 2 years as a New York Times bestseller.

It is 20 years later and we haven't stopped talking about it.

This is a love letter to Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés in appreciation of all the souls who were unleashed by her words.


We asked some of our favourite women to share with us how Women Who Run with the Wolves made an impact on them. Each chat is 15-20 minutes long and we bet you'll enjoy them as much as we did:

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How it all began. We were thrilled when Tami Simon, owner and creator of Sounds True, agreed to share with us the story of how Women Who Run with the Wolves began as an audio offering at Tami's budding company. Find out how the audio version of Women Who Run with the Wolves, which was published 3 years before the book, led to the publication of the book. Listen and be inspired by Tami's story and her vision.

Kierra Foster-Ba is a 5Rhythms® teacher - studying with Gabrielle Roth, the founder, for 15+ years. Kierra appears in Gabrielle's Power Wave video and in the documentary "Dances of Ecstasy". She also dances with PURE (Public Urban Ritual Experiment) an international organization of artists devoted to using belly dance to promote peace and end suffering.
"You need to have confidence to navigate the inner world."
Listen to our conversation with Kierra.

Justine Musk is a writer, blogger and creativity provocateur with three traditionally published novels  (BLOODANGEL, LORD OF BONES, UNINVITED). She is currently working on an edgy psychological thriller called THE DECADENTS.
"It grew on me and grew in me. The book is like a mirror that reflects your inner self. It shows you things that you are forced to think about and think through and discover how they apply to your life."
Listen to our conversation with Justine.

Marianne Elliott is the author Of Zen Under Fire and a human rights advocate who also shares her thoughtful writing on her website - where you can also find her 30 Days of Yoga and 30 Days of Courage courses.
" I had grown up with the archetype of the good girl.. At a very fundamental level this book introduced me to another archetype - one that had space for the shadowy emotions, for the wild desires, for a life that didn't fit the narrow good girl archetype."
Listen to our conversation with Marianne.

Jen Louden is the author of numerous best-selling books and her website is a treasure of heartfelt-writing and insight. Her amazing course for teachers of all kinds, Teach Now, will be starting again soon.
"There's a transmission in the pages. You read this book and your wild nature, your desire to live in a way that is more true to yourself and the planet is activated."
Listen to our conversation with Jen.

Danielle LaPorte is the author of The Fire Starter Sessions: A Soulful + Practical Guide for Creating Success on Your Own Terms and co-creator of Your Big Beautiful Book Plan. Her next online program launches November 2012, called DESIRE: The Map to What You Truly Want.
"I was going through this physical passage and this psychological passage and this book was the doorway to that."
Listen to our conversation with Danielle.

Amy Palko is a guide to your inner Goddesses.
"It's one of those wonderful books that no matter what you're going through in your life - this is what I do - I close my eyes and I kind of thumb through and then I open up and see where I'm at.'s just too appropriate"
Listen to our conversation with Amy.

Desiree Adaway is a coach,consultant,speaker and storyteller.
"I didn't realize that there was another way. That I could be this strong, wild, amazing creature. And that for me to be wild, being vulnerable was going to be a real big key for that."
Listen to our conversation with Desiree.


Ronna Detrick is a spiritual director and writer of women's stories.
"It was such a confirmation and a balm. That's the word that keeps coming to me. It's just like this ointment, super fragrant, poured over me."
Listen to our conversation with Ronna.


Lianne Raymond and Julie Daley are the facilitators of the WildSoul Book Club.


Do you have your own Women Who Run with the Wolves story? Please share it with us below or give us a link to your story, however you've captured it. We want to share all the WWRWTW love with Dr. Estés on September 17th, the 20th anniversary of the book's publication.